Natasha about to start work
Scott getting organized
Animal shelter
Sarah working
Ian at work
Best employee at Panera!
Client with Kobe
Hard at work
Meeting new people
About to go on break
Ryan team member of the month
Jason and Reid
Pat working at Angels Stadium
Ty's interaction with animals
Ryan working at sprouts
Monique at work
Our very first baker
Working at Panera
Sarah gives the best massage
Jersy store
Steven helping Trader Joe's
Emily working hard
Kyle keeping clean
Ryan at sprouts
Reid cleaning in the kitchen
Belinda at work
Jeffery happy at work


Integrated Resources Institute (IRI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the full inclusion of persons with disabilities into their community.

IRI is a state and federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity governed by a volunteer board.


Through our MentorWorks integrated work program, we have facilitated over 20,000 community job placements for persons with disabilities in the US and Australia. Due to our demonstration best practice outcomes IRI has been awarded several local, state, and national grants to help individuals with disabilities to be fully included in their community.

Through our newer Empowered Living service, IRI has been able to support individuals with disabilities to find apartments and live normalized lives in their communities. This program was developed because several of our IRI clients were on the verge of homelessness and needed state of the art community integrated services.

IRI also provides
Integrated Work, Educational Consultation and Professional Development services and consultation to school districts, governments and other adult program providers.


IRI was founded by Steve Zivolich in Orange County, CA in 1984. Since that time he has received local, state, national and international recognition for his leadership and research efforts for the integration and employment of persons with significant disabilities. He currently serves as the Treasurer on the IRI Volunteer Board of Directors. Dr. Jan Weiner, Professor Emerita, California State University, Fullerton, serves as the CEO on the IRI Volunteer Board of Directors.



We believe that people with disabilities should LIVE, WORK and PLAY in integrated community settings.  Where people work, live and play should be based on individual choice. We support and advocate that our client’s wages are commensurate with non-disabled co-workers. We believe that sub-minimum wage is a form of exploitation for persons with disabilities.



If you are a parent or client interested in service, please contact your Regional Center counselor and request a “referral be made to IRI”. 
IRI has a ZERO REJECTION policy for persons applying to our programs. IRI accepts all applicants who want assistance to Live and Work in normalized community integrated settings.




INTEGRATED. We believe in integrating people with disabilities, not segretating them.

Minimum Wage or higher. We do not support any sub-minimum wage employment opportunities. Subminimum wage practices don't see people with disabilities as equals.

Everybody Works: IRI believes that people should work regardless of the severity of their disability.

Empowering our clients

Since 1987, we have successfully placed and supported people in jobs. How did we do this?

We did this by treating people with disabilities as equals and seeing them for their gifts and talents.

We did this by creating relationships with employers that understand hiring a person with a disability is "good business".




To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



During her school years, our daughter’s needs were well managed. After graduation, it was IRI to the rescue! Trained job coaches helped her identify her skills, practice them, and interview with select employers. Once she was placed in her job, they problem-solved with her on site and coached her supervisors in reinforcing effective routines. Today she is a valued and confident employee, celebrating her sixth anniversary on the job.


- Proud Parent 

Working with IRI has been a great help in managing the store. The coaches not only support the employee but us the employer as well. He has been a long term employee who is reliable and efficient. He comes in, no questions asked and goes straight to work. He knows what needs to get done and is on a mission to get it finished. I wish all my employees were that focused.

- Happy Employer

Thank you for giving our son a chance to show what he is capable of and for providing the guidance and support that only a team such as yours could provide. Words alone will never convey our thanks.


- Dedicated Parents