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"Empowered Living" Program


Empowered Living Services Mission:


The Mission of the Integrated Resources Institute (IRI) Empowered Living Program is to enable individuals with developmental disabilities to live and participate with full integration into all aspects of their community based upon their preferences and choice. The Empowered Living Program will assist clients to determine, where, with whom, and how they want to live, resulting in more fulfilling lives based on supports customized to their individual needs and choices.


Empowered Living (SLP) goals will enhance opportunities for increased independence, self-reliance, and self-esteem with the utilization of a Circle of Support. Circle members have a relationship based upon respect and dignity for the client and are vested and committed in providing support so that the client will have active participation and control within their community. The Circle will assist the client with implementing those empowerment decisions effectively and responsibly. Goals will be attained by providing supports customized to their individual needs within their community of their own residence and natural environments. 


Goals For Empowered Living Services:


  • Individuals will have choices as to where and with whom they live.

  • Individuals will have a circle of support compromised of staff, family and friends. 

  • Relationships are the key to quality of life and that supports  should flow from a strong circle of support.

  • We intend to be proficient at assisting individuals to access a number of sources of support, adaptations, resources and benefits.

  • Quality life includes having as much control and choice over one’s life as possible. However, inherent in this choice are risks. While affirming the dignity gained by taking of risks, and the valuable learning provided by those opportunities, we will ensure that individuals are in safe settings.

  • Effective means of communication are essential to having control in one’s life. We will strive to assist individuals to find effective means to communicate with their staff, family and community.


Services Provided:


Empowered Living Services provided will be based upon the Individual’s Service Plan (ISP) objectives developed for and by each individual participant upon their needs and preferences. The intent of ISP’s objectives developed is to enhance independence and competency in the following areas:


  • Autonomy, Choice and Communication

  • Housing, including Domestic Skills

  • Personal Safety

  • Mobility and Accessibility

  • Income and Personal Finances

  • Physical and Mental Well Being

  • Relationships, Social Opportunities, Citizenship and Community Membership