Volunteer C.E.O.


For the past 35 years, Steve has been recognized as an innovative leader in the development of "Integrated Work" options for persons with significant disabilities. His program efforts have resulted in the community job placements for over 20,000 persons with disabilities throughout the USA and Australia. He has published several peer-reviewed research articles documenting successful integrated work outcomes for persons with disabilities. Steve has authored and directed several national, state, and local employment grants funded in excess of $30 million.

Steve currently lives in California wine country with his wife, dog, turtle, and two chickens.

Contact:  steve@irioc.org




For the past 40 years, Dr. Jan S. Weiner has focused her research and practice efforts developing service delivery models, curricula, and values that prepare individuals from birth through adulthood with the most significant support needs to live, work and play in a fully inclusive society. She has served as a State Trainer in the implementation of the Hughes Bill (A.B. 2586); designed and developed the curricula in the Department of Special Education at California State University, Fullerton that meets the competencies required for a Behavior Intervention Case Manager and Education Specialist Credential for Moderate/Severe Disabilities; published widely on subjects of full inclusion, Positive Behavior Support. She has collaborated with multiple school districts throughout the state of California, several Regional Centers, and internationally provided professional development trainings.

Dr. Weiner currently serves as Emeritus Professor and consultant to IRI and the California Inclusion and Behavior Consultation Network.

Contact:  jan@irioc.org

Executive Director


Joseph has been committed to providing services and supports for people with disabilities since 1973, with the past 30 years dedicated to community employment services. He earned an M.S. degree in Education Administration. Joseph held a position with the San Diego Community College District for 14 years and in 1984 was Awarded "Teacher of the Year". Joseph has a Lifetime Instructor and Supervisor CA Community College Credentials. He has worked with 11 of the 21 Regional Centers in California. Joseph has been a member of Cal-TASH since 2009 and has served on the Cal-TASH Board of Directors since 2004. Joseph is the parent of 7 children including triplet sons, one born with Down syndrome and later diagnosed with autism.

In his spare time, Joseph enjoys playing music and surfing.

Contact: joseph@irioc.org


Associate Executive Director


Suad has developed and managed community integrated services for adults with disabilities for over 10 years. Suad has a passion and drive for creating a world where people with disabilities are included, embraced and treated as equals. Suad's most recent venture has been helping people with disabilities and their families transition from school into adult services. Suad will be directing Integrated Resources Institute's expansion to the greater Los Angeles area.

Suad and her husband are avid music lovers and have already taken their 5-month-old son to 4 concerts.

Contact:  suad@irioc.org

Program Manager

Ivan Alvarez

Native to the Coachella Valley, Ivan moved to Orange County when he started my undergrad at California State University, Fullerton where he received a BS degree in Health Science in 2018.  In 2018, Ivan became employed with IRI as an Employment Coach and shortly afterwards was promoted to Lead Employment Coach.  In May of 2021, Ivan will be completing his Master of Science in Health Care Administration from Grand Canyon University.  Ivan have always been committed to help underrepresented individuals regardless of their backgrounds. This is a value that was instilled as a child and has made a positive impact as it aligns with my career goals.


Ivan also enjoys playing soccer with his older brother on the weekends, visiting family, and learning new topics such as finance.

Contact:  ivan@irioc.org

Program Manager


Roy has been committed to supporting individuals with disabilities for over 20 years and promoting independence and equality for all individuals. Roy graduated from the University of California Los Angeles in 1995 with a B.S. in psychology. While attending college, Roy began volunteer work mentoring teens with disabilities. Upon graduation, Roy started working with individuals with disabilities in a variety of capacities. Roy directly supported Individuals in  the classroom, in the home, out in the community, and at employment sites. Roy has served in a leadership capacity for over 10 years and proudly joined the IRI management team in 2014 as a program manager.

In his spare time, Roy enjoys collecting comic books and playing and watching sports.

Contact:  roy@irioc.org


Program Manager


After graduating from CSU Fullerton, Bao decided to pursue a career where he would help people, he wanted to make a difference. In 2014 Bao joined IRI as an employment coach, where he made an impact on the lives of those he supported. In 2016, Bao was chosen to be the lead coach in The Gillman Project SEARCH Program at CHOC Children's Hospital. He was responsible for overall training, interacting with department heads, and ensuring that the clients successfully completed the program. In May 2018, Bao was promoted to Program Manager of IRI. He is a valuable part of the management team and is passionate about the services he provides to his peers and clients.

Bao enjoys relaxing, spending time with his dogs, and working out and the gym. He also is a big Game of Thrones fan and has been patiently awaiting a New York Knicks championship for 35 years.

Contact:  bao@irioc.org


Program Manager


Roxanna went to Cal State Northridge and a nursing program. Her nurse training sparked a passion for helping others. Since 2011, Roxanna has since dedicated her  life to working with individuals with disabilities. She began her work at a psychiatric hospital then moved onto a post-acute hospital in the San Fernando Valley. Roxanna then moved to Orange County in 2017 and began working for IRI. Since then she worked her way up from employment coach to senior employment coach and is now a program manager. Roxanna is determined to break down barriers and help people overcome the stigmas associated with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

In her spare time, Roxanna enjoys going on road trips to national parks, visiting Harry Potter World, and spending time with her family.

Contact:  roxanna@irioc.org

Program Manager


In 2016, Marielle joined IRI as an employment coach. Since then she has found a true passion for helping adults with disabilities and has supported people in diverse settings. Before being promoted to Program Manager in January 2019 she worked in various roles within IRI, including a Skills Trainer for Project SEARCH at CHOC Children's Hospital and as a Senior Employment Coach. Marielle is devoted to supporting the individuals we serve and to ensure they are given every opportunity to pursue what they are most passionate about.

Marielle is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, fishing, and camping with her husband at the many national parks of America.

Contact:  marielle@irioc.org


Program Manager


Eli has been working for IRI since 2006. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor's of Science in Human Services. Throughout the years, he has worked with a wide range of people with disabilities and he has the passion and motivation to help others and provide the best support possible.

He currently lives with his wife and cat in the city of Fullerton, where he enjoys the peaceful sounds of his head hitting his pillow. He also enjoys sewing and Texas Holdem'.

Contact:  eli@irioc.org

Program Manager


Lea graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with her BS in Biology. Every summer in college, she shadowed her grandmother at her various Ceramic classes where she met and supported some incredibly talented individuals with disabilities. Her grandmother was a great mentor to her and learned many ways to be creative in supporting people based on their specific abilities. In doing so, she knew helping others was where her heart belonged. She gained more experience by working as an Aide to young adults with Autism, an Employment Coach for IRI, then promoted to a Senior Employment Coach, and now a Program Manager for IRI. Lea is determined to help the people we support build a life they desire.

Lea has traveled to more than nine countries around the world, loves running, and trying new outdoor activities.

Contact:  lea@irioc.org

Program Manager


Luke began working for IRI in July of 2017. Before that, he was employed by the Saddleback Valley Unified School District supporting the educational needs of students with disabilities at Trabuco Hill High School. While there, Luke assisted with many different special needs individuals and had a passion for the Special Olympics program. Luke graduated from California State University: Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is dedicated to helping others and providing the highest level of support to the people IRI serves.

In his free time, Luke enjoys coaching basketball, playing and watching sports, working out, and spending time with his wife, Colleen.

Contact:  luke@irioc.org

Program Manager


Yanette Joined IRI in September of 2014 as an Employment coach. Since then, her commitment and passion have grown for working with individuals with disabilities. She always knew she wanted to work in a place where she could help make a difference in others’ lives. In 2018 she graduated from California State University of Fullerton, and in that same year, was promoted to Senior employment coach. She has worked with a wide range of clients in our program and is dedicated to ensuring that the dreams and goals of the people we support become a reality.


Yanette currently lives in the city of La Habra with her German Shepard named Rambo. She enjoys cooking, traveling, watching sunsets at the beach, and spending time with her family.

Contact:  yanette@irioc.org

Manager of Operations

Brandy Green

Brandy Green has been working in the field of Operations since 2005. Her experience includes Operations Analysis, Payroll, Client Relations and HR. She held Operations positions at companies that include educational games and technology, video relay services, and property management. Brandy has a passion for people and loves to provide assistance anywhere that is needed. She is dedicated to helping others and providing the highest level of support to all staff and clients at IRI.


Brandy loves to spend time with her husband and their four children. They all demonstrate a love for playing music together and as individuals.

Contact:  brandy@irioc.org