The Integrated Resources Institute (IRI) MENTORWORKS program is a 100% community-based work program.  All program service hours are focused on integrated work opportunities for participants. Using a Customized Employment, and Mentor approach, the mentor relationship between employee and employer is personalized in a way that meets the needs of both. IRI has worked to strengthen the capacity of the workforce development system to improve employment outcomes for people with significant disabilities through local implementation as well as international dissemination or our demonstration research.  IRI has evidence-based research data showing that Integrated Work efforts lead to positive employment and quality of life outcomes for individuals with disabilities, their families, community and taxpayers.





MentorWorks FY 2019-2020


   • 148 Individuals Served

   • 31 new job placements were developed during FY 2019-2020

   • 100% placements are considered Competitive Integrated

Employment (CIE)

   • 84% in paid work positions

   • 6 Paid Internship Program sites developed

   • 100% program time in inclusive community settings

   • $788 average monthly wage income 

   • $136 - $2,166 monthly wage range

   • 4.3 years average job tenure

   • $13.00 - $25.00 hourly range

   • $13.80 average hourly wage

   • 100% Families reported “Very Satisfied”

   • 100% Participants reported Overall Satisfaction 

   •  100% Employers reported “Very Satisfied, Satisfied or Somewhat Satisfied (1)”

   • 100% RCOC Service Coordinators reported “Always Satisfied”